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Microbes at the Table: the Role of the Gut Microbiome in Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders are complex psycho-behavioral metabolic illnesses that arise from socio-cultural, environmental, biochemical & nutritional interactions with serious consequences for physical and mental health.

Novel approaches to treatment are emerging from biomedical and behavioral sciences, including the fields of neuroscience, nutritional biochemistry & gastrointestinal microbiology.

You’ll learn:

->Why ‘gut health’ is so important to mental health

->How our GI microbiome and brain connect

->How the microbiome can influence the prevalence of Anorexia Nervosa and other eating disorders


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About My Guest

Katherine L Stephens-Bogard is owner and founder of FUNctionally nouRisheD–aka FUNRD by KSB llc. Functionally Nourished integrates the science of western medicine with the contemplative practices of eastern philosophy to promote health of body, mind, and spirit for those struggling with disordered eating/eating disorders.

Clients of FUNRD receive an individualized nutrition prescription of nutrient dense foods intended to restore the physical body to whole health in tandem with mindfulness practices–yoga, pranayama (breathe work) & dharana (focused concentration) developed in collaboration with the client’s other treatment team members as appropriate.

Katherine’s webpage is under construction; but in the interim she can be reached via email @

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