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Understanding the Role of Self-Compassion to Manifest Confidence in Eating with Dr. Ellen Albertson

Join Dr. Ellen Albertson and I for a conversation about the role of self-compassion in overcoming eating struggles.

You’ll learn

->About the role of self-compassion in overcoming eating struggles

->What it feels like to have confidence in eating

->How to approach your eating journey as a step-by-step process to achieve long-term success


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About My Guest

Dr. Ellen Albertson, PhD, RDN, CD, CPHWC is a Psychologist, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Certified Wellcoach® and Reiki Master. She is an internationally recognized expert on women’s health and wellness. A sought after speaker, author and mentor, Dr. Ellen is dedicated to helping women embrace themselves, gain the confidence to step into their brilliance & to harmonize the dance of their lives with the song in their hearts to flow with grace, beauty and ease.

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