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Sarah Ferreira,MS,MPH,RD,IFNCP, CHWC is an Integrative & Functional Registered Dietitian with a decade of formal study & practice in nutrition and public health.

My goal through these episodes is to provide cutting edge research, concepts & perspective which will empower you to optimize your mood, cognition, focus, energy & nutritional resilience through informed day to day decisions around food and eating. 

I’ll be bringing you emerging research around the microbiome and mental health, how dietary patterns and nutrients impact cognition and mood, strategies around improving brain structure & function while preventing cognitive decline, how to create breakthrough transformations around eating behavior, recovery from dysfunctional eating patterns, and strategies for harnessing the gut-brain connection for optimal health. There is room for everyone at this table to explore the dynamics that define nutritional wellbeing for them. 

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who has completed extensive coursework in Nutrition and Human Disease, Medical Nutrition Therapy, Nutritional Biochemistry, Metabolism & Food Sciences. After a 1200 hour ACEND-accredited supervised practice program, I passed the national examination administered by the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR) and complete continuing professional education requirements to maintain registration. My formal education has given me a framework for evaluating research and sifting through the ‘noise’ and confusion that so often surrounds nutrition science.


Integrative and Functional Nutrition integrates a research-oriented, evidence-based, systematic & root cause based approach to nutritional care including clinical protocols, informed use of dietary supplements, therapeutic elimination diets, conventional and functional labs & mind-body practices. In addition to completing select coursework through the Institute for Functional Medicine, I have completed all requirements through the Integrative and Functional Nutrition Academy to earn the IFNCP credential.


I’ve completed Core Coach Training and the Certification process through Wellcoaches®, a high-impact and science-based training program which focuses on the psychology and mindset of change. My philosophy is that knowledge becomes most meaningful when we apply it to our own circumstances and journey: think of it as ‘embodied knowledge’. The coaching process highlights an individual’s own strengths and capabilities, while a coaching partnership can provide the tools for moving past limits and barriers to create transformational knowledge and change.


Topics covered during this extensive training course include brain behavior systems, brain-directed supplements, brain reserve, nutrition and gut-brain connections, the science of self-control & decreasing the risk of cognitive decline through lifestyle.

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Sarah is currently practicing at the Center for Functional Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic.

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